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10 Signs Your Marketing is Totally Outdated

This mostly comes down to outdated over-the-top sales pitch language. You see it in the retail industry as well as larger organizations that supply their sales teams with scripted programs to sell. Social media has changed the way that we connect, so when people are approached in this outdated style, they really don’t like it. Sales teams should learn to connect to people, not sell people.
Caitlin McCabe, Real Bullets Branding

Peace and Oreos, Hand in Hand


Your pupil-dilator of the day: Oreo fêtes the landing of Mars rover Curiosity with a sweet little Tweet showing an Oreo with tracks: the perfect roved-Mars food shot. And so easy to reproduce at home!

Meanwhilst, Curiosity begins his earnest trek after traveling a whoppin’ 18 months to get to the Red Planet. Adam Seltzner, head of Curiosity’s descent and landing team, reports everyone is “rationally confident, emotionally terrified”.